4 Ways To Get Better Laundry


Smart Laundry

 laundryLaundry is one of those tasks that you will never be able to avoid. But there are better ways to do your laundry to insure that you clothes will last longer, smell fresher, and simply look better.

Saving time and money is important for everyone. Making a few changes to the way you do your laundry can do both of those things by cutting down the time it takes to wash and making your clothes last longer. Here are a few laundry tips to maximize your clothes-washing skills!

A Clean Machine: It’s not all about the clothes; you have to make sure you machine is clean too! A dirty machine does not perform at its best because of soap scum build up in the compartment and pipes, yuck! To get rid of this, add a cup of white distilled vinegar into an empty machine and run it through a cycle. The vinegar will remove any scummy residue and also deodorize the machine from any smells the scum may have caused.

Tackle Stains: Your washing machine can’t perform miracles. When you get a stain on your clothes don’t just change and throw it into the hamper, tackle it immediately! For most stains once they fully dry they are permanent. Before you treat any stains be sure to soak the garment then utilize an agent that best suits the stain and the material you are working with. No two stains are the same so while the garment soaks make sure to look up the best way to remove it.

All About Sorting: Most of us already sort our laundry into a few different categories: darks, lights, delicates etc. But you can get the most out of each wash if you also sort based on wash temperature and fabric type. Separation is the key to getting a great wash without colors bleeding and fabric pulling. Create a pile of strictly whites, light colors that include light prints, black colors, bright colors, fabrics that create lint like flannel and towels, and a basic pile of smoother fabrics like corduroy. You won’t need to wash each of these categories all the time, based on the colors of your wardrobe, but it’s a great habit to get into.

Boost Your Clean: If you want to maximize your detergents’ potential you can utilize some other agents to give it a cleaning boost! A great way to get a better clean is to add a half cup of washing soda and half cup of borax, which will increase your clean, water softness, and provide more deodorizer!

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