6 Back to School Tips

With summer almost gone and school staring us in the face it can be quite a challenging time for most of us.

Here are some tips to make the transition easy:

1. Create a Buffer
Leave a few days between you vacation and the beginning of school to give yourself time to settle down into a routine.
2. Go to Bed Earlyclean-for-health-tremendous-maid
As mid August arrives send your kids to bed early and wake them up early so by the time its time for school you no more have the waking up wars to look forward to.
3. Clear up storage
The storage that is filled with summer items needs to now be cleared out for schoolbooks and backpacks.
4. Shop for School Supplies
Take an inventory of the last year’s school supplies and figure out what needs to be bought for this year.
5. Go Digital
Use technology to make your life easier. Synchronize your kid’s school calendar with your mobile calendar. You now have all the important dates on the go and you’ll never schedule a meeting when you are required to be present for Sports Day.
6. Remember us
Schedule a cleaning once you are back from your vacation and let us get you’re your home ready for school. Visit us at tremendousmaid.com to book online or request a quote!

We hope you had a wonderful summer!