Avoid these 7 mistakes when hiring a cleaning service

Looking to Hire a Cleaning Service? Avoid These 7 Rookie Mistakes!

Some people make the mistake of thinking that they can hire any random cleaning service and continue to switch them one after the other until they find the one they like. Cleaning services are involved with the most intimate aspects of your life – your home, your family (especially if you have kids or pets) and your belongings – and since the right company can save you from the overwhelming costs of switching cleaning service providers time and again (not to mention the safety and security of your home and family), the decision of choosing a cleaning service is not only a big one, but a critical one.

If you find the right company, they can offer you the kinds of personal touches that in-and-out companies cannot – handling special requests, becoming accustomed to your family or pets, being mindful of your schedules and your likes and dislikes, and more.

Watch out for these seven mistakes before deciding on the cleaning service that is right for you.

Mistake #1: Believing that tech companies can do the work of cleaning companies

with Tech companies

Are tech companies!
They are not cleaning services!
Are focused on creating apps and expanding their user base only
Do not do their own cleaning; are subcontracting platforms for existing cleaning individuals
Do not train employees
Are focused on making money from investors

with Cleaning companies 
At heart are focused on cleaning
Focused on developing customer relationships
Invest in employee training and grooming
Are responsible for your home and belongings
Long-term commitment to clients, employees, and their communities

Mistake #2: Going for lowest price

with tech companies
You cannot leave anyone a key, so you have to be home for each visit
What is your time worth to you? Can you wait around for each cleaning to start and end?
You don’t know if the cleaner who will be sent to you has been properly screened – have they passed important background checks including sexual abuse records? This is extremely important, especially if you have kids
The cleaner provides his/her own supplies, not the tech company
The cleaner is responsible for any damages, NOT the tech company (this is a major issue if they do not have insurance)

with cleaning companies
Key pick and drop is arranged at your convenience
Keys are placed in a safe until the day of cleaning
They bring along their own materials and supplies
Are responsible for damages, backed by insurance
Can be scheduled around your day, at your personal ease

Mistake #3: Not understand employer/employee rules and regulations

with Tech companies
Use subcontracted services
The subcontractors often do not have insurance
They often do not pay taxes, nor provide workers’ comp
Are unable to cover damages
You sign an NDA before hiring through the tech company so they are clear of any future trouble
You risk becoming involved in problematic IRS or medical lawsuits

with Cleaning companies:
Run their own services
Are responsible for taxes, workers’ comp, training, and insurance
Are, by law, required to meet numerous operating regulations
Formal work in a formal way ensures no future hassles with broken laws
Provide employee sick days, invest in training, and focus on continuous improvement
Are not in the business to make a quick buck but to provide a valuable service

Mistake #4: Outrageous (and unfair) implications from not understanding the law!

with subcontractors
You are technically the employer of subcontractors working on your property
If they damage your neighbor’s property, YOU are held liable!
If someone slips and falls in your house after cleaning, again, YOU will be responsible!

with Cleaning services
Covered by proper insurance general liability and workers compensation insurance
Take your cleaning experience seriously!

Mistake #5: Blurry lines between being a client and being an employer

with subcontractors
You may be considered to be their employer if you instruct them on how to clean
If you exercise any control over their work, you may once again stray into becoming classified as their employer
Blurry lines between being a client and being an employer make this an easy mistake to make
with Cleaning companies
Have set cleaning protocols
Cleaners are employees of the cleaning company, even if you offer cleaning advice and instruction
No issues with roles and responsibilities; the cleaner is responsible for cleaning, and you are delivered a clean home at the end of the visit

Mistake #6: Ending up with a stranger on every visit

with subcontractors
Subcontractors often bring unknown friends with them the help them clean
Countless cases of violence, damages, and 911 calls against aggressive and menacing subcontractors
Limited regulation, and very difficult to implement controls and procedures with subcontractors
Cleaner may or may not follow set cleaning rules and standards, or may just wing it

with Cleaning companies
Perform background checks on all workers dispatched to clients’ homes
Invest in training and development, and establish customer peace of mind
NEVER allow individuals not employed by the company to get involved with cleaning
Highly regulated safety and health codes in place to ensure thorough, customer-friendly services

Mistake #7: Falling for a cleaner who doesn’t know the business

with Tech companies and subcontractors
Send workers not properly trained with the handling and use of toxic cleaning chemicals
No training with regards to which chemicals and which equipment to use and when
Adverse results include health hazards and property damage
Usually no HEPA compliance

with Cleaning companies
Workers have proper training in all areas of cleaning
HEPA-compliant equipment
Follow strict protocols when it comes to chemical use and handling
Take care of and are responsible for health, property, avoiding damages, and caring for your home and belongings

Protect yourself from potential nightmares and look at the big picture before using individual cleaners and tech cleaning companies for cleaning your home or apartment. Use a real professional who will get the job done – and done right. Use a seasoned, established cleaning company that actually cares about customer service and will care for your home and their relationship with you.
*HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air. A HEPA filter works by forcing air through a fine mesh that traps harmful particles such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and tobacco smoke (read more at www.webmd.com/allergies/hepa-filters-for-allergies)