Book Your Cleaning Service Online

Hello There!
We have great news! We’ve worked for almost a year on developing an online booking platform that’s easy to use, takes less than 3 minutes and provides accurate pricing. With this platform you can book your cleaning service online with Tremendous Maid.
Many clients are finding that they can book at any time without the need from the office so most people using the booking platform are at work, or booking after hours or in the weekend. That was the goal to allow our clients to book online since our office hours are limited and most of our clients worked 9 to 5pm!
The booking platform allows you to book for a specific time and a specific window arrival time frame just as if you are booking thru the office. This is a trial for Boston, Cambridge, Brookline, and Somerville. If we find that clients love it! Then we’ll expand to different towns.
You can pay for the time you need and if the maids are there for less time, you will receive credit for the next cleaning, if they need to go over then we’ll call you to request your permission —again this is the same process we use if you book thru our office.
We hope you find it useful. If you need a date / time not available on the booking platform simply email or call us and we can see what we can do to accommodate your needs.
Thanks again for your continue interest in Tremendous Maid!
Warmest regards,
Victoria or call us at 617-553-1393​
P.S. This booking Platform is ideal for on-call clients or new clients –if you are a reg client you should not use the platform since you can only book the 1st deep cleaning thru this platform.