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We were recently lucky to be on the Boston Globe after receiving the Citizens Bank Good Citizen Award at the Thrive event organized by Unfortunately a small misunderstanding ended up being a huge mess for us. The article indicated that I (Victoria Amador) said that we only hire Latinos. Here is my response on the article and the link to the article here:

We do have a vast majority of latino / spanish speaking employees –its important for our clients to know this –here is a blog we wrote previously on that particular challenge.  We would like to attract an English speaking population with willingness to learn to clean. In the years past, we openly posted the positions through several areas where people from anywhere in the world can see the ads (craigslist, our website, newspaper ads, etc). It would make our lives easier if we had English speaking employees! Our clients are sometimes frustrated by the fact that most of the staff do not speak English so this would be a huge relieve and would save us money too! The way I see it is as follows: because those that can speak English are able to get jobs that are not so physical demanding why would they consider a job where they have to work 40 hrs on their feet, carry a vacuum and supplies from house to house, clean / scrub every inch of the house / apartment etc –its hard work that’s why a huge majority of the janitorial / cleaners in the USA are immigrants. We currently have a few positions opened. If you know of anyone please direct them to us.

Here is my response on the Boston Globe —and link to see that article in this link.

  • VictoriaAmador11/23/15 03:14 PM

    Hello everyone, Victoria Amador, the CEO of Tremendous Maid. I would like to clarify via this medium that unfortunately there was a misunderstanding with this quote. We do not discriminate / refuse or discourage individuals from any countries /races / ethic backgrounds from applying / interviewing or being part of our team. At Tremendous Maid, we had the opportunity to work with people from different countries and backgrounds. As immigrants in the USA we have been openly discriminated against and its not something we would do to other individuals not matter where they come from.

    Part of the social mission includes helping our employees to grow by providing benefits such as retirement plans, paid vacation time off, holiday pays, better wages than industry averages, financial literacy classes, English pilot programs and more. We recently were awarded the Citizens Bank Good Citizen Award for the work we do in our community and this piece was due to this award since Citizen Bank choose a business that gives back to the community. I can say much more but basically I wanted to address the comments here to ensure everyone knows that we do not only hire Latinos. As a previous client on us here mentioned -its hard to work with employees that do not know English –its difficult for the customer and more admin work for us but again we would not discriminate against those that do not speak English either. If you have any specific questions or concerns that you would like to address with us please email me directly at Thank you.

  • VictoriaAmador11/23/15 04:11 PM

    Because of the amount of views on this article, I would love to take advantage of it to let the Boston residents know that Tremendous Maid is currently looking for 2 Maid Specialists that are able to drive (driving license required) and that are willing to clean –both openings are full time positions Monday thru Fridays. If you are interested or know of anyone that is able to drive and willing to learn to clean please call us at 617-553-1393 for more info. We provide the training.

    We are also looking for a part time Administrative Assistant to help make phone calls, emails, manage our CRM and much more!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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