Bringing a Burnt Pot Back to Life

Just for fun πŸ˜‰

My friend burnt my cooking pot to near death just the other day while cooking a widely famous Indian dish (yes of course you want to know the name – Pav Bhaji)

Trying all efforts to bring it back to life she scrubbed and scrubbed but the coarse blackness didn’t budge. She then used knives and forks to scrape through the burnt black marks only to leave scratches on the bottom of the pot.

I’m sure a lot of you have gone through the same trouble therefore I absolutely had to share this with you:Enjoy your kitchen

1. Take a moment and relax we can bring the pot back to life. Deep breath. Yes just like that.
2. Take a dryer sheet place it at the bottom of the pan and soak it with hot water for a couple of hours/ overnight. Now give the pot an elbow grease in the morning and the black particles will come off much more easily.
3. If that does not work pour baking soda in the pot followed by vinegar. Let the chemical reaction take place. Now give the pot a good scrub and your pot will now be silver and shiny again.

How many of you burnt the surface of your pot and disposed it off thinking this is the end? Definitely not me, my friend.