Cleaning Hardwood Floors During the Winter

Hardwood / Laminated / Engineered Floors can give your home or office a more homey feeling than tile or concrete—but they can also be more difficult to maintain, especially during the winter months. Cleaning hardwood floors of slush, snow, and salt presents a unique problem for home/condo owners and the cleaners too! The high pH level of most ice-melting chemicals, along with the constant moisture tracked in by multiple pairs of feet, can combine to eat through your floor’s finish and turn it into a magnet for different types of soil. Your best defense against winter on wooden floors is to prevent problems before they happen.

The salt residue on hardwood or laminated floors will eat the finish right off and there are several things you can do to help with this situation:

  • Place entry mats on every entrance of the house
  • Protect the finish: Unfortunately, simple mopping won’t do the job. You have to change the pH of the salt residue, or it will become a sticky mess that smears around the floor surface. Five ounces of plain vinegar mixed in four gallons of water make a chemical wash that neutralizes the pH level of salt solutions. Spray this on the surface before cleaning hardwood floors and it will break down the chemical makeup, allowing the salt to be removed before it damages the floor’s finish. Another solution is to use an autoscrubber with a soft-nylon pad and neutral ph chemical to buff the area –this is not a refinishing job but simply you are doing a better job than mopping.
  • In between cleanings vacuum floor before wiping any snow / salt from floors – moping before vacuuming the dried up salt will scratch your floors.

Did you know that Tremendous Maid can provide you with a buffing of your floors to remove the ‘salt’ and slush and chemicals from your floors? We do not polish or refinish the hardwood floors simply we use an automatic floor machine with a soft pad to do a better job than mopping your floors –this extra attention to your floors will help to ensure that winter months are not eating your floor finishing.

We recommend doing this at least twice during the winter. The service is affordable since this is not a ‘refinishing of the floors’. Ask us today for a quote based on your square footage –

Happy Winter!

The TM Team

*Please note that this service is only available to Tremendous Maid Regular House Cleaning / Condo Cleaning Clients —if you would like to book this service with your home/condo deep cleaning make sure to ask during your cleaning reservation.