Cleaning Services Consumer Guide

This cleaning services consumer guide will help you decide what cleaning services are the most appropriate for you and your needs. If you are in the market for cleaning services, you have options and knowing which option is best for you (and your family) can be such a task. So we thought doing some researching and putting together this guide will help you save time and hopefully lots of headaches can be avoided. cleaning services consumer guide

The Top 10 items Included in The Cleaning Services Consumer Guide are:

  • Before Deciding Things – for example “What are your general cleaning requirements?”
    • We recommend making a list, understanding your needs better so you can discuss your needs with much clarity with the different companies you call for quotes.
    • Figure out what’s your cleaning budget per month? Per year? This helps your cleaning company put together the best package to fit your needs.
  • Other Things to Consider –such as “payment options?” What’s best for you, to pay with credit cards, checks, PayPal, etc.’
  • Professional Cleaning Services: Overview of the industry, etc.
    • This is a brief overview on the cleaning industry as a whole
  • Service Options
    • Local Cleaners or Franchise
    • Small Cleaning Services or New Market Entrants
    • Individual Cleaners
    • Tech Companies in the Cleaning Industry
  • Points to Consider when Dealing with Tech Cleaning Companies —these are companies that are truly technology companies offering cleaning services
    • Prices that are too good to be true –what does it mean for you as the client?
    • Absence of Effective Quality Control Systems
    • Inadequate Training
  • Benefits and Pitfalls of Hiring “under the table’ Individuals to Clean for You
    • Pros & Cons – and legal considerations
  • What Happens When Unprofessional Companies Enter the Market?
  • Biggest Issues of Doing Things the Wrong Way
  • Why Use the Services of ‘traditional’ Cleaning Services

This is not a sales guide to get you to use Tremendous Maid. This consumer services guide is a bit long but trust me, we put a lot of time and effort to give you the best info based on research and our own experiences from the industry.  Our goal with this eguide is to help you understand the differences – the pros and cons of each company from budget considerations to potential legal nightmares you could avoid.

I hope you find the cleaning services consumer guide helpful. Drop me a note if you have any other questions or feedback that we should include in our blogs or future eguides.


p.s. Tremendous Maid is a residential & commercial cleaning services in the Boston Metro Area of MA.