Commercial Floors

Special Attention to FloorsTremendous Maid Carpet Extraction Boston MA

There’s no doubt that floors set the tone for any store, office or other commercial property or residence. And floors are probably the most challenging for a cleaning service to maintain.


Commercial carpet has tight pile and offers lots of small “hiding-places” for dirt and germs. It doesn’t take long, even with regular vacuuming, for carpet to lose its luster and “dull-out.” That’s why professional shampooing and treatment on a regular basis is so important. (We even use eco-friendly anti-static, disinfectant, deodorizing agent, and mold/mildew inhibitors.)

Hard Surface

Tremendous Maid Floor Scrubbing for Offices Boston MA

The problem with hard-surface floors – like tile, marble, granite, and vinyl – is different. They tend to film and get “sticky” so that street dirt and normal soiling adhere to the surface and dull the overall appearance – usually in an uneven way, reflecting traffic patterns and use. They need to be stripped, scrubbed and waxed on a regular basis – including any spaces, grout, or edging.



Tremendous Maid Does a Great Job

Because we understand how important clean floors are to the productivity of your workforce, customers, and residents, we have specialized equipment and take special pains to be sure your floors always sparkle and set the tone for your entire commercial establishment.

Let us show you what we can do. We guarantee you’ll be pleased.