3 Fun Ways To Use Fall Leaves


Here at Tremendous Maid we can transform the interior of your home with out top-rate home cleaning services. This fall call on us for the inside of your home so you can spend some more time outside enjoying the falling leaves with your family!

In New England we are both blessed and cursed with the tradition of falling leaves. Every year we take to the yard and rake until our backs are sore. This year instead of throwing your leaves away utilize them in a few fun and educational ways! Here are three ideas for your fall leaves.

1. Compost: If you love being friendly to the environment a compost is the perfect way to use your fall leaves! The first step is shredding the leaves in either a leaf shredder or with your lawn mower. Once you have a pile of finely shredded leaves begin your compost! Layer your leaves with nutrient rich soil and natural elements like fruit and vegetable peels and cores. Create the layers, making sure to moisten them as you go and top off with some leaves. The high-carbon leaves with create a dark, nutrient rich soil as the elements break down in the pile.

2. Create a Leaf mold: Leaf molds are great for gardening enthusiasts! Once again, your first step is to shred the leaves. Next you need to rake them into a big pile in an unused part of your yard or garden where they will sit for the next few months. Pile them up and let them sit. In about a year the pile will completely break down and you will have a large pile of nutrient rich soil that you can bag and use in your garden! The soil that it creates is high in magnesium and calcium, making it ideal soil for your flower or vegetable garden!

3. Fall Decorations: Decorating your home for fall can often include going out and purchasing fake fall leaves to use in floral arrangements and wreaths. But what if you could create them yourself? Simply take the best, most colorful leaves from your yard and preserve them in wax! Follow this tutorial for a simple craft project! After you have preserved the leaves in wax they will last forever and can be used in a number of great, family-friendly craft projects.

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