5 Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Winter


Get Your Home Ready For Winter

Winter can be beautiful but also a nightmare to deal with as a homeowner. Tremendous Maid can help you through the season, giving your home a deep clean and reducing stress that comes with snow and the holidays.


Other ways to reduce winter stress is taking the right steps before the snow begins to fall to make sure your home is in great shape to weather the winter.

In the Boston area you have to not only prepare for the snow but also the often sub-zero temperatures. Both elements can wreak havoc on a home, creating problems that can be costly and last for months and be dangerous to your family. To avoid those problems here are five steps to making sure you home is cold weather ready.

  • Inspect Your Fireplace: One of the most dangerous things in the cold weather is a faulty or dirty fireplace. An unmaintained fireplace can cause house fires and leak carbon monoxide, both of which can be fatal and destroy a home. Before the cold sets in make sure your fireplace is ready to go for when you will need to use it. Since fireplaces are rarely used during the other month it’s easy to forget about. Have someone inspect the chimney, clearing any blockages and cleaning any debris that has built up. Also make sure the structure is secure with no leaks. Stock up on cleaning agents and dry wood and have it at the ready so when you do have to light it up you are using the correct materials.
  • Floor Cleaning: Before the cold sets in consider giving your floors a deep clean, a task Tremendous Maid would be happy to help you with. Once the winter sets in you won’t be able to open all of your windows for a quick dry and will have to go without a deep clean until the spring.
  • Inspect Drainage: One of the unexpected consequences of snowfall is flooding. Once the snow starts to melt it starts to run and can flood your basement and damage your roof if the drainage is clogged. Check all drainage areas to make sure they are clear of fallen leaves and other build up. Also check on basement pumps to make sure they are fully functional before the winter rolls in.
  • Close Gaps: Heating your home in the winter can be extremely costly. Be sure to inspect all gaps in your home before it gets too cold. Gaps around windows, doors, and electrical outlets can let tons of heat out and cold air in during the winter months. Use a sealant to close gaps in those areas to keep the heat in your home once it’s running.
  • Driveway and Walkway Repair: Another common side-effect of winter is potholes and cracked pavement. Head on outside and check walkways and your driveway for existing cracks and fill them with cement or hot-top. During the winter water can collect in cracks and when the temperatures drop below freezing the water will expand, creating larger cracks and holes in the pavement. Sealing them beforehand will save you from paying to completely repave in the spring and will save you car from damage.

As always, Tremendous Maid stands ready to assist you with all your housekeeping needs. Schedule an appointment today!

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