3 Way To De-Clutter Your Home For Winter

De-Clutter Your Home

A clean home is a happy home but so is an organized home! Tremendous Maid can offer your family some piece of mind this winter with a quality home cleaning but to keep it that spick and span through the slushy weather home organization is key!

Winters in the Boston area can be messy, boots and wet clothes can 


drag in unwanted dirt, water, sand, salt and a myriad of other things to litter your floors and carpets. Creating a great winter organization plan for your entryway can save you from home damage later in the season.

Here are three ways to organize your home to save you time, money, and piece of mind!

1. Organize Your Entrance: Boots are the most common problem, and the biggest winter pest for your home. Every time someone enters or leaves you home you are left with whatever their boot brought in. Boots can drag in sand and salt which can ultimately scratch or damage hard wood floors. Create a space near the entryway for boots and other wet accessories to live so they don’t stray to far into your home. Invest in a rubber mat or boot tray to keep the elements in one location you can periodically clean. The best location is near a heating vent near the door so everything can stay put and dry quickly.

2. Manage Winter Accessories: Ever have a missing glove? Can’t find a hat when the snow it really pouring down? Having a one-spot-shop for all of your winter accessories is a key element in keeping a clean and organized winter home. A great idea for this is to purchase a small organizational unit, made of plastic or whatever matches your home best, to keep everyone’s small winter accessories in. This will eliminate water from traveling throughout your home and save you time when you are trying to get out in a hurry. Place this close to your mat or boot tray so everyone can take off their wet clothes before they leave the entryway.

3. Store Summer Clothes: Winter clothes, especially coats, are bulky and take up a ton of space in your home. Take this opportunity to store some of your summer clothes in a basement or attic to free up space. Your home may be clean but clutter can make it feel messy. Utilize plastic storage bins for summer clothes and shoes to free up closet space. Move all winter clothes like coats and snow pants to closets closest to the door to minimize travel through your home. A clean and organized home is a happy home!

As always, Tremendous Maid stands ready to assist you with all your housekeeping needs. Schedule an appointment today!



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