Home Window Cleaning

Do you need home window cleaning? You just got lucky!

As you know, here at Tremendous Maid, we are always thinking how can we add value to our clients? What can we do to help our clients live a better stress-free life? So I had the opportunity to work with Anna on a project and I was delighted by her and her business. Anna & Nick own & manage their window cleaning company here in Boston and they travel to different towns (including all the towns we service for Tremendous Maid). Its hard to find companies you can recommended –lets admit it, sometimes contractors of all kind are a pain to deal with it – trust me I know from personal experience when working with so many companies out there…

So I am happy to say that Anna & Nick have been great with us and their company, All Service Window Cleaning is small enough so you get the high touch but they are very experienced. They are insured and bring a high energy and passion to their work.

I asked them to put together a list of tips for us to share with you…

  • Lets begin!
    • Home windows should be washed two to three times a year to keep them clean. The less you wash them the harder it will be to remove grit. This may result in double washing the windows which takes longer and can be more expensive.

    tremendous maid condo home cleaning

    I took this photo while attending an open house http://www.theattiasgroup.com/

    • A towel and spray cleaner won’t do it! Using a towel and spray cleaner is not the best idea. What really happens is dirt is moving from one area to the next. Your glass actually ends up attracting more dust and dirt. Instead try some vinegar with warm water. That should do the trick for no streaking as long as windows are not dried in the sunlight.
    • It’s much more effective to clean windows like the pros do with a squeegee. No annoying streak or dirt is left.
    • Do not saturate the sponge – it makes the job harder!
    • Always remember if you are not a professional to place a mat down to avoid drips on your floors.
    • If your windows are high (2nd or 3rd floor) a professional is the best person to call for the job. Don’t risk it! Your safety should be your priority.
    • You can use an extension pole with a sponge and squeegee attached if that would do it – your local Home Depot will have the extension poles available.
    • Dawn and Joy are best to use in cleaning windows.
    • And for final best dry results use a microfiber to dry edges.

    For more great tips and or a free estimate call All Service Window Cleaning 781-439-9034.
    We hope this has been helpful!

    p.s. we do not benefit financially from recommending All Service Window Cleaning