Homejoy, Homeaglow Or Homegowrong?

I appreciate innovation in more ways than I can explain but because Homejoy left a bad taste in my mouth I am also expecting bad things from previous Homejoy’s owner, Aaron Cheung who started Homeaglow…what’s up with the name?

Courtesy of Entrepreneur.com

Courtesy of Entrepreneur.com

Anyway, last week, I talked about how tech cleaning companies are ‘disrupting’ the market in a bad way…and I promised to send over more info about the new company that previous Homejoy’s owner opened under a new company name. Taking into consideration everything, it appears as if its the same structure, same idea behind Homeaglow. I’ve analyize their website and service offers and nothing is new with the exception that all the employee lawsuits are completely gone due to Homejoy’s closure.

According to Forbes, at the beginning of 2016 Homeaglow sent an email to all Homejoy’s previous customers to announce the opening of the company. Homeaglow is promising to provide excellent service…as we know Homejoy failed to provide the service it promised its customers –and it was a major reason for their poor profitability. Read article here.

In a different article from March 15, 2016 Forbes.com, the writer discussed how Homeaglow may be better than Homejoy. There is the possibility that Homeaglow may be a better company than Homejoy but essentially is the same company with some of the same management except that by closing Homejoy, Homeaglow got rid of all the employment lawsuits and all the bad press from failing to deliver on their service promise to their customers!

Here is the link to that article titled “Can Homeaglow Succeed Where Homejoy Did Not?

My humble pushy opinion is that unless Homeaglow really learned their lesson in regards to customer acquisition, pricing, leadership, management, customer service / customer service delivery and guarantee, etc. then Homeaglow is going to be another disappointment.

What are your thoughts on this?
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