Keep Your Pets Safe with These Tips

Top 5 tips on how to keep your pets safe

Longer days, sunny weather, and prolonged weekends spent having fun with our four legged friends all mean one thing: Summer is here!quincy maid service

High temperatures also mean the comeback of different health threats to our dogs and cats; and as we don’t want to escape our memory our beloved furry friends we will have to make ready our yards, gardens, and home for the upcoming months. We have put together a simple guideline that will help you enjoy the sunshine in a fun and safe way.

Launder pet bedding at least once a week

If you want your dog to smell fresh and clean and to stay healthy you need to make sure his bedding is washed regularly. You should wash it in hot, soapy water at least one a week. It would be best to use a laundry sanitizer to help eliminate germs and allergens and a un-fragranced detergent as your pet’s nose can be very sensitive to fragrances

Clean your pet’s feeding bowls canton maid service

You can keep your pets safe and reduce the likelihood that they’ll get sick by regularly washing and disinfecting your pet’s feeding bowl and utensils with pet-friendly products. If you need to disinfect a surface you can use a disinfecting agent that contains a naturally antibacterial and antifungal agent instead of a chemical one. Do not forget to rinse all items thoroughly with clean hot water and to dry them before re-use.

Keep Healthy Floors

Pet parents should be aware that certain floor cleaning products may include chemicals that may harm your pet. Replacing chemical household cleaners with a few non-toxic agents will cut down on a number of potential triggers that can set off an allergic response to your pet.

Floor Cleaning

Keeping the floors of your house clean when you have a pet can be a challenging task. There are quite a lot of household detergents that are safe for use around pets. Carefully check the list of ingredients and the instructions for use and try to buy products that are specified as being safe for animals.

You can use a variety of household products to clean floors without harming your dogs; just avoid using detergents that contain the following chemicals:


–Isopropyl alcohol





Spring clean carefully

As you hurry to clean out your garage and your yard, make sure to keep all those cleaning agents, pesticides, insect repellents or fertilizers out of your pet’s reach as they can all be dangerous to dogs and cats. The symptoms from ingesting or absorbing toxins vary and, in severe cases, can result to kidney failure or it can even cause sudden death.  Look out for your little ones as you go about cleaning your homes and yards.

As a responsible pet owner take the time to make sure that your house and its surroundings are appropriately taken care by keeping a healthy and happy environment for your family and pets.