Why Making Cleaning A New Year’s Resolution is Key to Your Success in 2015?

Thanksgiving and Christmas are already in the rear-view mirror, and the New Year is nearly upon us. While many are still seeking out last minute gift ideas for Three Kings Days, the folks at Tremendous Maid and Boston’s Best are already busy crafting New Year’s resolutions.    IMG_2344

While 2014 was an amazing year for us–a year of making new friends, expanding our network, and growing our business–there are always resolutions we can make to better ourselves in 2015.

In the spirit of New Years, we’re challenging everyone in Boston to take a moment of introspection, and create their own New Years resolutions.

Don’t know where to start?

One resolution many individuals and companies may want to consider making in 2015, is to strive to be a tidier business–for their clients, their employees, and their reputation.

Too often individuals and businesses overlook the impact a clean space makes on our performance both at home and at the office. Even more often, however, we all resolve to improve our cleanliness, but don’t follow through. This year we urge you to not only make that resolution, but to act on it and see it through to fruition.

Research by ISSA named “The Value of Clean How Cleaning Improves Your Bottom Line” has clear evidence that clean spaces not only help to reduces illnesses, increases productivity and improves the bottom line and the quality of our performance. If this applies to businesses this also applies to homes!

In my case, when my house is dirty and untidy I feel too distracted to think clearly and get through my daily to do list / goals because I too feel dirty and disorganized just like my house. Research shows that when you have a dirty house, dirty car or dirty office, you are less effective and this impacts your performance significantly.

Another way the research by ISSA supports the thoughts that a dirty space affects productivity is as follows:

Presenteeism affects productivity and therefore affects the bottom line –Presenteeism is where the employee is at work but is not ‘present’ due to feeling sick or feeling overwhelmed due to health related reasons. The effects of Presenteeism as indicated by The Value of Cleaning are:

  • Spending additional time on tasks
  • Decreased quality of work
  • Lack of initiative
  • Lowered ability to perform at peak levels
  • Decreased quantity of work completed
  • Inability to be social with coworkers
  • Lack of motivation
  • Transmission of viruses / illness to coworkers / building occupants / patrons

As you can clearly see, Being Clean really affects all aspects of your life. One of my key aspirations for this year is to maintain my home and office 95% clean so I can always feel ready to get my job done or simply to enjoy my home in a clean peaceful way whether I am watching TV, reading a book or cooking for the family!

So we hope you making Being Cleaner part of your New Year Resolutions! Tyler Atkins Tremendous Maid



P.S My son Tyler always says “oh it smells so nice! I guess the maids were here!!!”

Photo Credit: Evie Hansford