Move Outs/Ins Cleanings



Move Out / Move In cleaning refers to any empty apartment, home, office or commercial space that is emptied and needs to be cleaned for the next tenants or home owners. If you are the person moving out, you may request a full move out cleaning so you can get your deposit back from your landlord. If you are moving in chances are that you want the unit to be 100% cleaned prior to moving your belongings into a new home without knowing who lived there before and such things as whether they had pets or were less attentive to cleaning and so on. Basically, move in cleanings are great if you are moving into a new apartment or home and are nmove-outot sure if the current tenants would have the unit cleaned.


Services include:

  • Cleaning interior / exterior appliances (oven, fridge, microwave if any, dishwasher, washer and driers, etc),
  • Cleaning interior / exterior cabinets
  • Cleaning of bathrooms: washing shower / tubs, sinks, toilets, floors, walls, cleaning inside of the vanity / medicine cabinet, towel bars, reachable light fixtures, and floors.
  • Cleaning of the kitchen includes as previously mentioned the appliances, cabinets as well as sinks, backslash, counters, windows, baseboards, floors, reachable light fixtures and fans.
  • Cleaning of common areas and bedrooms include floors, ceiling corners, baseboards, windows, window sills and frames, door frames, etc.


  1. Floors are only vacuumed and mopped. If the unit requires floor scrubbing / stripping or waxing please be sure to discuss this on your quote request or during your communication with our office prior to the cleaning visit.
  2. Blinds are wiped / dusted with a feather duster. If the blinds require a full detailed cleaning, please let us know so we may provide you with the approximate cost / time as blinds can require much of a longer time to properly clean them. Some blinds require for them to be removed from the rod and washed in tub in order to do a better job at cleaning them, if this is the case, please know that we cannot be held liable for damages to blinds during the cleaning. If the blinds are in critical conditions sometimes its more cost effective to replace them than to wash them.
  3. Please know that we are not experts in cleaning radiators. We can simply wipe with a degreaser to remove dust accumulated where easily accessible without harming our employee’s hands. We will vacuum underneath and behind radiators where possible. However, we cannot guarantee a full cleaning of radiators.

If the unit requires carpet cleaning please let us know prior to your cleaning visit. Rates are as follows:

  • Any carpet cleaning less than 350 square feet is done for $115 flat. If the area is in very bad shape and requires additional treatments –additional charges would apply.
  • Stair cleaning rate is between $3 and $5 dollars per step depending on size and general conditions.
  • Spaces over 350 square feet are done based on 35 cents per square feet. For example if you have 1000 square feet (without stairs) the cost would be approx. $350.

attention2Disclaimer: Window cleaning on the inside only – we do not provide professional window cleaning services therefore windows on the outside are not part of our service list.


Due to insurance regulations, we cannot hand-clean anything that is not easily accessible with a 2-step ladder.

Please note that insurance and safety prohibits lifting/moving anything weighing more than 40 pounds.