Northeastern University & Tremendous Maid

This is the 2nd class project we participate in with Prof. Kimberly Eddleston in her Entrepreneurship and Innovation Class. Today we received a detailed report from the Northeastern University Students who worked on our project. We had the pleasure of working with 4 outstanding students on several sales & marketing projects incNU Entrepreneurship Class Project with Tremendous Maid copyluding a video which is now found on our services page here.  Will Xiao, Leo Kalai, Katelyn Kardash and Chenfei Liang, were amazing. Throughout the semester we met several times and took 1 full day with Albert Wang, a friend of Chenfei, who is a videographer to shoot this video. It was lots of fun –Albert Wang did such an amazing job. The video focused on how Tremendous Maid can transform a extremely dirty home / condo in matters of hours.

It was truly an amazing experience and their passion and continuos support to make sure they did what’s best for Tremendous Maid and Boston’s Best Commercial Cleaning was admirable.

We had a great time and the report and projects they worked on will help us to continue to improve our service offerings to our clients.

Thank you team again for your dedication to this project!

Cheers to all!