Post-Construction Condo / House Cleanings

construccionWhat do we call a Post Construction Cleaning?

Simply put, it’s a deep cleaning with emphasis on removing dust that has spread throughout your condo or house. When dust has settled on walls and all surfaces throughout, it requires more time to clean. Even when dust appears to be minimal, the maids have to go over the same area more than once to ensure most of the fine residue has been picked up.

The post construction cleaning Tremendous Maid’s offer includes:

  • Cleaning the walls throughout the unitscondo
  • Cleaning all surfaces (same services listed under one time deep cleanings) but much more time is needed to add the cleaning
    of the walls throughout the unit.
  • Example of post construction cleanings could be:
  • Cleaning after floor refinishing projects
  • Cleaning after a bathroom, kitchen or a guestroom remodeling (or any other room within the premises including baseboard services)
  • Cleaning after painting (normally when professional painters provide their services a lot of fine dust is generated) resulting in more work than just a general deep cleaning

It is important for clients to indicate if the cleaning needed is a post-construction cleaning so we may accurately quote your jobs.
Interior trash / debris can be hauled off, with unit ready for walk-thru inspection (PRIOR NOTICE REQUIRED AND ADDITIONAL CHARGES APPLIES).

Additional notes:
Chimney Sweeping on lower level only – we do not provide professional chimney services.
DISCLAIMER: Floors that needs to be scraped to remove paint or stains especially from hardwood flooring is not part of our service list for the simple reason that hardwood flooring can be damaged easily by scraping it. Normally, only floor refinishing works to remove damages / paint, scratches or stains. Clients who request paint or items glued onto hardwood flooring must be aware that Tremendous Maid cannot be held liable for additional damages to the areas that we tried to clean by removing paint or sticky items such as glue, candle-wax, tape, etc.


attention2Disclaimer: window cleaning on the inside only – we do not provide professional window cleaning services therefore windows on the outside are not part of our service list.


**Please know that we are not experts in cleaning radiators. We can simply wipe with a degreaser to remove dust accumulated where easily accessible without harming our employee’s hands. We will vacuum underneath and behind radiators where possible. However, we cannot guarantee a full cleaning of radiators.

Due to insurance regulations, we cannot hand-clean anything that is not easily accessible with a 2-step ladder.

Please note that insurance and safety prohibits lifting/moving anything weighing more than 40 pounds.