Last Minute Moving Tips

September 1st has nearly arrived! Are you ready for the biggest move in/ move out date of the year? We hope these Residential Cleaning Moving Tips will help you during this nightmare…

Your personal nightmare on Elm Street is about to begin we just want to make sure you’re prepared!

  1. Obtain a Street Occupancy Permit from the City of Boston and you’ll land yourself a parking spot right in front of your new unit, rather than circling the block for hours that end into days and years.
  2. Plan ahead and pack your things in boxes making to make moving a quick process!Young Couple Moving House
  3. Pick a U-Haul size larger than the one you estimated in case you have a last minute change of heart and decide that your grandmother’s portrait hanging above the orange mantel MUST go with you!
  4. Do NOT take a moving truck on Storrow Drive unless you want to get stuck under the bridge!
  5. Car-owners Alert!!! : If you’re not moving be rest assured this concerns you too. There will be plenty of newbie truck drivers swarming around Boston on Sept. 1 – do yourself a humongous favor and get away from the mess because an amateur driver is very likely to forget his or her wits and give your car a little kiss.
  6. For those who helped you move, my my what were they thinking? Treat them to a beer, burger and some fries for losing their sanity over you!
  7. Lastly, if you require a move in cleaning/ move out cleaning we’re ready with broom in hand to sweep your troubles away! Just shoot us an email ( and we’ll be there!