Stone Counter Cleaning & Polishing Products

Liquid Stone Polish Plush 10:

Quick Clean & Plus 10Polish for marble, granite, and engineered stone. This product increases reflectivity, repels water born stains, easy to apply with minimal odor, non flammable, non-hazardous…it should be used on counter-tops, shower and tub surroundings. Use weekly to maintain luster or as follow up to polish after intense cleaning or restoration. directions: spray a small amount on stone surface and polish with a soft cloth. Not for use on floors.

Quick Clean:

Cleans marble, granite and engineered stone. It has a pleasant odor, improves stone appearance, non flammable, non hazardous. Directions: spray over stone surface, allow to sit for a few seconds and rub with a clean soft cloth. Use daily to maintain clean surfaces. Not for use on floors, showers or tubs.

Countertops Only: Once a week clean with the quick clean and polish with the Plus 10 to condition the stone surface.

If you would like to order a set for $25 (1 bottle of each) please email us at and we will deliver during the next cleaning. Available for Tremendous Maid / Boston’s Best Commercial Cleaning clients ONLY. Our clients have the option to pay with Paypal, cc, cash or check for this product.