Thank you for the Donations!

I just want to thank everyone who have called us to donate items for our yearly donation to kids in Bani, Dominican Republic.

Tremendous Maid donates clothes, toys, household items and school supplies to underprivileged families in the DR. So far we have almost 3 boxes of items and everyday we are getting more calls. While some donates one or two pieces of clothes or toys, others have donated small bags of school supplies. This is a great cause and we are super excited since this year we are going to video tape the event so everyone can see the beautiful smiley faces on the kids and their parents.

We are accepting donations now and are planning on shipping the boxes by the beginning of December in order to receive the items in January. Please forward to your families and friends who may want to donate. We just ask that the items are gently used (in good conditions…they do not need to be brand new).



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