3 DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces

3 Thanksgiving Centerpieces You Can Make At Home

Oh, the holidays!


The first step to a great holiday season is having a beautifully clean home, which Tremendous Maid can provide you. A clean home takes away the stress of last minute preparations and making sure that your in-laws won’t have anything to comment on once they enter the door (if they are like that, of course)! To make the season even more special is to have a clean AND festive home, which you can do yourself with some DIY decorating tips!

Homemade centerpieces can add that great homemade touch your home needs to make it feel warm and inviting for the holidays. Creating something yourself is easy and inexpensive and frankly, a lot of fun! Here are a few project ideas you can take into consideration for this year or bookmark and save for the next season!

1. Rustic Centerpiece: Centerpieces don’t have to appear out of thin air, you can utilize things you already have in your home in new and fun ways! Grab a few empty vases and create a beautiful rustic arrangement. Wrap the exterior of the vase with twine, ribbon, paper or another festive material you can think of. Fill the vase with a wonderful assortment of natural elements like tall grasses, pinecones, acorns, and flowers in bold oranges and reds! If you don’t want to go au-natural then head to your local craft store where you can find all of these ready for arranging.

2. Tree of Thanks: A wonderful idea we got from Better Homes and Gardens is a “Thanks Tree,” a great tree filled with leaves that say what each member of the family is thankful for. All you have to do is fins a vase and fill the bottom, about 1/3 the way full with acorns, pinecones, nuts, gravel, or another material and place a large stick with many branches in. The more branches in the stick the more leaves you can place on. Once assembled print out a leaf shape from your computer and cut it out on multicolored construction paper. Have each member of the family write something they are thankful for on each leaf and then attach them to the tree with twine or even glue depending on the look you are going for.

3. Stylish Monochromatic: If you want your table to be a little more elegant than festive a great idea is to decorate in a monochromatic fashion with one base hue throughout the arrangement. Choose a great color like red, white or brown and base everything around that. Utilize vases and glass dishes and fill them with gourds that fit your color choice. If you can’t find gourds in your color grab some spray paint and head outside to paint them! Another great idea is to utilize a cake stand and create a presentation atop it with one large painted pumpkin and several smaller ones. Place that arrangement on a bed of leaves or grasses to make an even more festive statement.

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