Top Tremendous Maids Blogs for Holidays

During the holidays everyone is either way too stressed trying to make their lives seem a little perfect for the family members and friends visiting…no shame on that –we all want a perfect life with a perfect family, perfect husband/wife, perfect house and perfect everything…but I just have to wonder, if we are all perfect this world would be so so so boring! No drama that makes your life interesting, no dreams or goals because what can you want if you have a perfect life? Nothing! Which is why I LOVE my imperfect life. I really do love everything in my life even the things that makes me so upset and I want to change because then I have something to look forward to!

Tremendous Maid is not perfect in any way, we have a very long way to go. In 5 years we have been so lucky to accomplish so much, learn from our mistakes, put systems and processes in place to keep moving forward but we are far from being PERFECT! We do our best to provide our customers with a great cleaning experience but fortunately we are not perfect…why fortunately because it keeps the Tremendous Maid’s team hungry for change, hungry for improvement and that helps us motivated to get better and strive for perfection. Anyway, why say all of this because this year at 34 years old I finally realized how great my life is! Its ok not to be perfect as long as we go for it every single day!

So just a quick recap on 4 years of blogging —its been quite a learning experience. Many people don’t see the blogs especially our clients —they are busy people but why keep blogging? It gives me a chance to see my life and business in a different perspective. I don’t write to impress others –I write what I am feeling, what I am dealing with, what I am learning about for that week or month–I don’t check my grammar or punctuation, I write to keep track on the company’s progress over the years…

So here are the top blogs over the last 4 years regarding holidays. Some are so odd and weird and some are definitely more ‘me’ –if you know what I mean!

Happy Holidays from the Tremendous Maid’s / Boston’s Best Commercial Cleaning Team!