Treat Stains The Right Way!


Treat Stains The Right Way

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When something spills you don’t have time to get professional help, you have to start treating the stain immediately. The stain could be simple and just require a soak or it could be more serious — like red wine on a white carpet serious.

Here are a few tips and tricks to approaching that sudden stain; what you should do and what you definitely shouldn’t.

ACT FAST: Don’t wait! Don’t sit there and say you will get it cleaned tomorrow. The longer the stain sits in fabric the tougher it will be to remove. Intervention is key. Even if you can’t get it all out yourself you can still make a difference.

NO RUBBING: You may feel like you have to rub the fabric to get the stain out but you are actually causing more damage, even if some of it is coming out. Especially with things like carpet and upholstery the heat generated by rubbing can cause whatever has spilled to chemically bond with the fabric. Definitely stick to blotting.

AVOID HEAT AND HARSH CHEMICALS: Right after a stain happens you should not immediately try to clean it out with harsh chemicals or heat, there you run the risk of seriously damaging whatever you are trying to save. Instead use a mild detergent with water to get out most stains when they first happen. Make sure the water you use is lukewarm, scalding heat can make the stain worse and will do nothing lukewarm water won’t do to remove the stain.

UNDERSTAND YOUR CLEANER: Don’t just grab the first cleaner you can find, the chemicals in some products are not compatible with certain fabrics. Take a second, breathe, and make sure that the cleaning product you are about to douse your couch, shirt, of carpet in is compatible. Also stick to something you know. You really don’t want to find out that a new cleaner fades or damages fabric the hard way.

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