Tremendous Maid & 7 Stress Tips

Tremendous Maid / Boston’s Best Commercial Cleaning has been a top stress trigger for me for over 6 years now –but this is the good type of stress (mostly 😉

From time to time my stress level rises and I get tinglyness in my arms…yes, once I thought I was having a stroke because I had a headache and my face was hurting on one side too. I ended up in the ER but the doctors just gave me pain killers for the headache and facial pain.

I made it a goal to do my best to remove stress from my life…According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), stress can exhaust you and make you feel sick, both mentally and physically and it can lead to illnesses such as depression, headaches, insomnia, stomach disorders, heart disease, and even stroke.

The first step to controlling stress is to know what causes it.

stress free with tremendous maid services

Lack of free time, Health / Weight Issues, Low self-esteem, Empty next syndrome or work related stress? Serious the list is long…

Time and stress are definitely correlated, the lack of free time that you can use for yourself and for your family causes high levels of stress in people. Most of us do not include relaxation time in our schedules although relaxation is an important factor that can help you deal with the negatives of stress.

Health / Weight / Low -Self-Esteem – can we put them together? Well, we know that when you don’t feel good about yourself your body and mind are affected so it obviously affect how stress you feel especially when you have to spend 20 minutes deciding what to wear because nothing fits? Because you don’t feel good about your body? Because of your health?

Empty nest syndrome

Is your last child about to go to college and leave home? Or maybe he or she has already moved out? In this case it is normal to experience mixed emotions. Understand why empty nest syndrome happens and what you can do about it.

Although you are probably encouraging your children to become more independent, the experience having no children at home as well as the lack of their constant companionship can lead to the empty nest syndrome, a phenomenon that will make you experience feelings of sadness and loss.

Work Related Stress –anyone? This is obvious too so all I can say is that it happens even in the best companies, both small and large, and it definitely happens at Tremendous Maid!

There are a few stress reduction goals that you can alternate to help you create a healthier, happier life and that will increase your overall mood and sense of well-being depending on the root cause of stress.

#7 Tips to Battle The Stress War:  tips from and

1)      Schedule your free time – if you like reading, schedule your reading time, meditation time, exercise time, whatever helps you deal with stress make sure it makes it in your calendar & Just Do It!

2)      Avoid Caffeine after 12pm! And drink plenty of water

3)      Keep a gratitude diary and every day write 3 things you are grateful for that particular day

4)      Take a 10 minutes walk-in-place walk during your lunch hour

5)      Positive self-talk works ( – listen to an audible book while driving to work on mental visualization and self-talk

6)      In emergency situations if you are really upset count to 10 before speaking up – it can make a different!

7)      Break down big problems into smaller parts – instead of dealing with everything at once

I hope this has been a bit helpful! I’ve been using these techniques some for years others are quite new and I already feel a big difference in my body, mind, and spirit.


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p.s. To combat stress daily – I think of the ocean!