Weekly, Biweekly or 4 Weeks Regular Service


checkmarkRegular Cleaning Services include services on a weekly, biweekly or every 4 weeks. The regular cleaning schedule is available only after an initial deep cleaning has taken place.

Why would you need a deep cleaning if you are signing up for weekly, biweekly, every 4 weeks regular cleaning?
Because if it’s the first time we would be cleaning your home, we consider it a deep cleaning since we don’t know what to expect or exactly how long it may take to provide the correct attention to your premises. During this time we go over the entire space touching everything possible to ensure we don’t leave something without cleaning (within reason of course and depending on your budget).

Normally if the condo / home needs more attention then the more likely it is thaCalendarcheckmarkt you would notice a big difference. If your home is extremely clean, less difference would be noticed but also less time would be required and the initial deep cleaning cost would also be less than anticipated.

A regular cleaning is basically going over the majority of the same things that were done during the deep cleaning with the exception that we cap the time based on the cost per visit we provide you to keep costs within reason.

Detailed Services and Limitations
All Rooms / Bedrooms


  • Dust picture frames, dust ceiling fans, lamps, furniture, woodwork, shelves and baseboards (wiped with a rag and multi-purpose cleaner). If brushing or steam cleaning is needed, please ask for the “Baseboard Package” (additional charge; optional, of course).
  • Under beds (if accessible), switch plates, vacuum sofa and under cushions, remove cobwebs, vacuum carpets, mop all floors. Vacuum furniture, including under any cushions. Empty and clean ashtrays and wastebaskets.
  • Make beds and change linens if left out (1 bed linen changed for free, extra beds are offered at an extra charge).
  • All areas dusted – on top, on front and underneath All items removed and replaced. (More time may be required if there are lots of small decorative items; additional charge would apply.)

Elevations higher than 8 feet for high dusting and cleaning may require additional time and costs.
Please note that insurance and safety prohibits lifting/moving anything weighing more than 40 pounds.)

Clean, scrub and sanitize showers, bathtubs and sinks. Clean and sanitize vanities, backsplashes and toilets. Clean mirrors, polish chrome, dust windowsills and ledges, empty trash, wash floors and dust baseboards. Deodorize.
Each time Tremendous Maid cleans your home, we take care of a few extra tasks in each room to make sure that your home is well-maintained. With regular Tremendous Maid service, you will never need another spring cleaning again. Our goal is to help you enjoy life by eliminating tedious cleaning chores!

Counters, outside of cabinets, tables, chairs, sinks, switch plates, back-splashes, range tops, refrigerator (top, sides, front and floor behind if accessible), outside of dish-washer and oven, microwave oven (inside and out), toaster oven (outside), vacuum and mop floor, window sills and ledges, empty trash.
Sink and counter-tops must be left free and clear of dirty dishes and utensils unless otherwise prearranged.

Special cleaning services are also available:

It’s preferable that you schedule any special cleaning prior to your service date so that our staff is properly equipped to perform the services needed.

  • Dish washing
  • High dusting and cleaning
  • Oven inside / outside cleaning
  • Blinds dusted / steamed
  • Refrigerator inside / outside cleaning
  • Wood / Baseboards / Wall washing* (anytime baseboards and walls are  cleaned, there is a possibility that some paint may come out – homeowner is responsible for re-painting if needed).
  • Cabinets inside / outside cleaning
  • Professional carpet cleaning
  • Scrubbing/stripping/waxing hard-surface floors: wood, tile, marble, granite, etc.

If we are unable to provide a particular service, we may be able to refer you to a reputable local company that does. Just ask us.
*It is important for clients to understand that any intensive wood work cleaning – such as baseboards, window frames, columns, door frames, etc. – requiring more than a simple wipe (rag with degreaser) will entail extra time and several washes in order to remove stubborn dirt that has accumulated. This is the “Wood/Baseboard/Wall package” – optional; provided at an additional charge.
It is also essential for the home owner to fully understand that when cleaning any wood or walls, we run the risk of removing some of the paint. Thus, when purchasing this package, the home owner agrees that he/she is responsible for painting the surfaces and that Tremendous Maid would not be liable for any damages.
attention2Disclaimer: window cleaning on the inside only – we do not provide professional window cleaning services therefore windows on the outside are not part of our service list.