What is the baseboard package?

old style baseboards photo tremendous maid

Older Baseboards

If you are scheduling your first cleaning (deep cleaning, spring cleaning, move in / move out) and are not sure if you need the baseboard cleaning service please read this blog:

We called it the baseboard package to describe a service of cleaning baseboards, window trims, doors / columns (any woodwork within your home) that requires more than just wiping clean the area once or twice. If that’s the case this simply means that we need to be informed so we can properly quote you as more time will be needed to complete your cleaning.

Who Needs the Baseboard Package?

  • Normally older homes / condos may require this more so than newer units since
    dirty baseboard example

    Dirty Baseboards

    baseboards and wood work with crevices as part of their design are mostly found in older styled homes. Photo to the right is an example of older baseboards.

  • However, modern homes/ condos that have fancy baseboards and woodwork may also need this service.
  • If your baseboards are in very bad conditions please let us know when booking so we can provide you with an accurate quote.
    basic style -easier to clean

    basic style -easier to clean – Courtesy of Distefanos Brother Fb page

On the photos of the older baseboards you can see that if they get very dirty we cannot just wipe we would need to spend more time wiping or brushing depending on the dirt / dust accumulated.

What’s the Process?

  • Depending on the type and conditions of the wood -we may need to wipe clean with a degreaser several times.
  • If baseboards / frames / columns have crevices then we would need to use a hand brush to brush the dust out and wipe clean the area. This requires more time than wiping.
  • If you have stickers on the woodwork – we need to be informed prior to the cleaning. Removing items from walls, baseboards, etc. requires a significant amount of time.

older door frame

older door frame

 *It is important for clients to understand that any intensive wood work cleaning – such as baseboards, window frames, columns, door frames, etc. – requiring more than a simple wipe (rag with degreaser) will entail extra time and several washes in order to remove stubborn dirt that has accumulated. This is the “Wood/Baseboard/Wall package” – optional; provided at an additional charge.

It is also essential for the home owner to fully understand that when cleaning any wood or walls, we run the risk of removing some of the paint. Thus, when purchasing this package, the home owner agrees that he/she is responsible for painting the surfaces and that Tremendous Maid would not be liable for any damages.